About us

We were born with the aim of working with the main rack manufacturers all over Europe, becoming the leading company in Assembly and Maintenance of Racks and automated warehouses in Spain.

Nowadays we enjoy the confidence of the main rack manufacturers throughout Europe and we are present in almost all European countries: Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic. .. Likewise, we have accompanied our clients in projects out of Europe: Saudi Arabia, Dubai and South Africa.

With an extensive professional background with years of experience in the assembly of Storage Systems, nowadays we are proud to have the confidence of both manufacturers and a large number of clients from different sectors (manufacturing, logistics operators, ...).

Attending the demand of our main clients and committing ourselves to full satisfaction, we decide to introduce a Global Rack Service, the best way to guarantee safety in storage warehouses and comply with current regulations, which we also extend to end customers.

The periodic preventive inspections and their subsequent corrective interventions minimize the risks that, together with the homologation of the racks, guarantee the maximum operational capacity of the storage system.

In addition to the extensive experience in large storage assemblies and maintenance of storage systems, we also have a department dedicated to the installation of photovoltaic power plants and roofs in Europe.

Know our subsidiaries

Continuing with our growth policy and in order to be closer and provide better services to our customers, we have been opening subsidiaries in different parts of the world in recent years.
In 2015 we opened our first subsidiary in Poland. This allowed us getting us access to different projects in this country and also in neighbouring countries.
With the aim of widen our scope in the east European countries we opened a new subsidiary in the Czech Republic in 2021.
Attending the needs of opening to the American market we decided to open a new subsidiary in Mexico in 2022.